About Hank Marvin

Hank Marvin is the creation of Head Chef Luke Holman & his wife Anna. Luke has been in the kitchen working in hospitality since he was 12 years old. Born and raised in Devon, England, Luke has always been passionate about food, highlighting the flavours of fresh, seasonal produce through simple dishes that are comforting. 

Cockney slang for ‘starving’, Hank Marvin pays tribute to the heritage of Head Chef & Owner, Luke. As an Devonshire chef, he moved across the world for love, for a local Ivanhoe East girl, and worked at the same location, in a cafe of the previous owners.


Having also fallen in love with the village feel of East Ivanhoe, Luke had a dream that some day 269 Lower Heidelberg Rd, would one day be his own. Working in kitchen’s from the age of 12, Head Chef from the age of 24, Luke has a passion for food and creating an exceptional atmosphere to enjoy the company of friends and family over delicious, comforting food.